[ti:Ocean Explorers Discover Sunken Warships from World War II] [by:www.otzgay.live] [00:00.00]更多聽力請訪問51VOA.COM [00:00.04]Deep-sea explorers have reported finding two Japanese warships [00:06.40]that sank during a major battle in World War II. [00:12.52]Explorers and researchers used a robotic underwater vehicle [00:18.10]to help with their search in the northern Pacific Ocean. [00:23.92]The vehicle is equipped with sonar, which measures sound waves to create images. [00:32.28]The team told The Associated Press (AP) it discovered a warship [00:37.06]after examining sonar images collected from the vehicle on Sunday. [00:44.12]The team said it appears the sunken ship is the Japanese aircraft carrier Akagi. [00:52.60]The wreckage was found near Midway Atoll, an island about 2,100 kilometers northwest of Hawaii. [01:04.16]A private research ship, the Petrel, is leading the exploration. [01:10.88]A private American company, Vulcan Inc., is providing support. [01:17.60]Vulcan was started by Paul Allen, the co-founder of Microsoft Corporation. [01:24.76]Allen died last year. [01:27.39]Rob Kraft is head of Vulcan's undersea operations. [01:34.16]He told The Associated Press that based on the data collected, [01:38.84]his team is sure they found the aircraft carrier. [01:44.16]"It can be none other than Akagi," he said. [01:49.44]Kraft added that the warship was sitting among a pile of wreckage [01:54.54]and the surrounding ground was heavily affected by the ship hitting the seafloor. [02:02.08]The Akagi was the second warship found in the area. [02:07.24]Last week, the Petrel research team reported finding another Japanese aircraft carrier, the Kaga. [02:16.36]Sonar images of the Kaga showed it was in a similar condition. [02:22.80]The front of the carrier is thought to have hit the seafloor at a high rate of speed, [02:28.28]creating a large crater and spreading debris in the area. [02:34.88]During the battle, bombs struck the Kaga, causing a massive fire. [02:40.36]Yet sonar images show that the ship stayed mostly together when it sank. [02:48.64]Historians consider the Battle of Midway in 1942 [02:53.65]an important victory for the United States during World War II. [03:00.00]American and Japanese aircraft carriers and warplanes [03:04.47]fought the battle about 320 kilometers off Midway Atoll. [03:11.60]At the time, the atoll was home to a U.S. military base [03:16.17]that provided naval and air support against the Japanese. [03:22.16]Japan's military had planned to capture Midway Atoll in a surprise attack. [03:28.80]But U.S. forces gained possession of Japanese communications before the attack [03:34.92]and were waiting when the forces arrived. [03:38.96]More than 2,000 Japanese and 300 Americans died in the fighting. [03:46.56]Seven ships, five Japanese and two American, sank during the battle. [03:53.00]Until now, only one of the seven had been found. [03:58.04]The crew of the Petrel is hoping to find all the lost ships. [04:04.76]Robert Kraft said the research ship's efforts started with Paul Allen [04:10.24]and his desire to honor his father's military service. [04:15.68]But he says the project now extends way beyond that beginning. [04:21.72]"We're honoring today's service members, it's about education [04:26.77]and, you know, bringing history back to life for future generations," he said. [04:35.64]Frank Thompson is a historian with the Naval History and Heritage Command in Washington, D.C. [04:44.48]He also is part of the Petrel research team. [04:49.64]"We read about the battles, we know what happened," Thompson told the AP. [04:55.48]"But when you see these wrecks on the bottom of the ocean and everything, [05:00.24]you kind of get a feel for what the real price is for war." [05:06.48]He added: "You see the damage these things took, [05:10.29]and it's humbling to watch some of the video of these vessels because they're war graves." [05:18.68]I'm Bryan Lynn. 更多聽力請訪問51VOA.COM 宁夏11选5推荐号码