[ti:New York's Central Park to Gain Statue of Women in History] [by:www.otzgay.live] [00:00.00]更多聽力請訪問51VOA.COM [00:00.04]New York City will finally honor real women with a statue in its famous Central Park. [00:10.16]City officials voted this week for the creation of a statue of three female civil rights leaders. [00:19.76]Central Park has 23 statues of men who were important in history, but none of women. [00:29.60]In fact, females are represented only by statues of imaginary characters. [00:37.38]These include a statue of Alice, the hero of Alice in Wonderland books by 19th century British writer Lewis Carroll. [00:49.08]The new statue from artist Meredith Bergmann is to be uncovered next August. [00:56.92]Visitors will see the representation of past activists Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Sojourner Truth. [01:09.00]The three women were contemporaries and leaders in the anti-slavery, women's rights and anti-alcohol movements. [01:19.80]Their activism helped to secure the right of women to vote in 1920. [01:27.24]Pam Elam is president of the non-profit organization Monumental Women. [01:34.52]It worked with historians, community leaders and local officials in support of the statue. [01:43.32]Elam said the artwork shows "the power of women working together [01:49.28]to bring about revolutionary change in our society." [01:55.08]The group privately raised $1.5 million to create and care for the new statue and a linked educational program. [02:08.68]Bergmann's early design for the statue included only Anthony and Stanton. [02:16.00]Observers criticized its lack of African-American representation, [02:21.60]noting that women of that group were also important to the fight for women's suffrage. [02:29.64]So, Bergmann redesigned the statue to add Truth. [02:35.64]Central Park is not the only area of New York limited in statues representing historical women. [02:45.00]In fact, the government group She Built NYC [02:49.82]says the large city of five boroughs has just five public statues of women from history. [02:59.84]A 2016 news story in the magazine Smithsonian.com reported that women [03:06.94]were the subject of only about seven percent of public statues in the United States that depict real people. [03:16.69]I'm Caty Weaver. 更多聽力請訪問51VOA.COM 宁夏11选5推荐号码