[ti:New Rulers Bring Royal Family Closer to Ordinary Japanese] [by:www.otzgay.live] [00:00.00]更多聽力請訪問51VOA.COM [00:00.44]Japanese Emperor Naruhito and Empress Masako [00:06.46]are bringing changes to one of the world's oldest royal families. [00:13.80]The two have spoken with foreign visitors in English. [00:18.72]They laugh with children and even play with dogs. [00:24.04]They are Japan's first emperor and empress to have earned university degrees. [00:31.64]They speak several languages and have years of experience of living overseas. [00:40.12]At one time, the future emperor even washed his own clothes. [00:47.12]Six months after starting their official duties, [00:51.04]they appear to be making Japan's royal family more international [00:57.28]and bringing it closer to the lives of average citizens. [01:04.04]They have also surprised many Japanese who worried they might have trouble [01:10.81]taking the place of Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko. [01:17.60]They were worried about Empress Masako, [01:20.87]who has struggled for years with what officials call an "adjustment disorder." [01:29.24]"Though the previous emperor and empress were seen as being close to the people, [01:35.48]these two seem even closer," said Hideya Kawanishi. [01:40.94]She is an assistant history professor at Nagoya University. [01:48.40]Emperor Naruhito is the first Japanese ruler to be cared for by his mother [01:55.25]instead of being raised by nurses and teachers. [02:00.28]His parents made efforts to give him a normal childhood, [02:04.24]including sending him to school with food for lunch. [02:10.52]He earned a degree from Gakushuin University where he studied water systems. [02:18.04]He then spent two years at the University of Oxford, [02:22.48]which he said were some of the best years of his life [02:27.88]He later married Masako Owada, a diplomat, [02:32.01]following objections to his choice from officials. [02:37.08]The two have one daughter, 17-year-old Aiko [02:42.07]who, as a woman, cannot take the Chrysanthemum Throne. [02:48.36]The royal couple's overseas experience was evident when they held a dinner [02:53.87]for U.S. President Donald Trump soon after they took power. [02:59.68]They spoke to Trump and his wife, Melania, in English, [03:04.20]only later agreeing to use an interpreter because of official rules. [03:10.92]The emperor and empress speak English so well, [03:14.40]it is clear they have lived internationally, Kawanishi said. [03:19.76]The couple seems a world away from the traditional behavior of the past. [03:26.72]Emperor Naruhito has agreed to have his picture taken [03:31.37]with members of the public while traveling overseas. [03:36.16]In Japan, he and his wife recently laughed with children [03:41.00]and played with dogs during a visit to a dog shelter. [03:47.32]"This is not something you could imagine the previous imperial couple ever doing, [03:52.95]at least not so naturally," Kawanishi said. [03:59.20]Empress Masako's struggles with her adjustment disorder and official duties. [04:06.40]She lived a very private life for the past 10 years, [04:11.11]but now she is an empress with a quick smile. [04:15.16]The Japanese public seems to have forgotten about her health issues. [04:21.76]"Of course, her health is a mental issue so there are ups and downs, [04:26.81]but worries have rather faded," said Hidehiko Kasahara, [04:32.60]a professor at Keio University who specializes in royal issues. [04:40.24]Empress Masako may have more responsibilities, [04:44.16]but taking the throne may also give her more freedom because she is now the empress. [04:51.24]"The fact that she can act as she wants means there is less stress. [04:56.80]Rather, it's a plus for her recovery," Kasahara said. [05:02.48]For now, she and the emperor appear to be moving slowly as they take on their official duties. [05:11.37]I'm Susan Shand. 更多聽力請訪問51VOA.COM 宁夏11选5推荐号码