[ti:Indonesia Blames Boeing Design, Other Problems for Deadly Lion Air Crash] [by:www.otzgay.live] [00:00.00]更多聽力請訪問51VOA.COM [00:00.04]Indonesian investigators say a combination of design problems and other issues were to blame [00:09.73]for a Boeing 737 Max 8 jet crashing shortly after it left Jakarta last year. [00:19.88]The investigation found that a lack of pilot training [00:24.88]and poor flight crew performance also were partly responsible for the crash. [00:34.08]All 189 people on the plane were killed. [00:40.28]A summary version of the final report said the pilots did not know [00:47.21]how to react to problems in the plane's automated flight-control system. [00:55.84]The Indonesian government has yet to release the full report. [01:02.68]The investigators identified nine problems that they believe were responsible for the deadly crash. [01:13.32]Chief investigator Nurcahyo Utomo told reporters that, [01:20.40]"If one of the nine had not occurred, maybe the accident wouldn't have happened." [01:29.08]The airplane belonged to the Indonesian company Lion Air, a low cost carrier. [01:37.52]On October 29, 2018, the Boeing 737 Max 8 disappeared from radar [01:47.52]after the pilots told air traffic controllers that the plane was not gaining altitude and speed as it should. [01:59.68]Five months later, a similar situation happened on the same kind of Boeing jet in Ethiopia. [02:09.12]That plane also crashed, killing 157 people. [02:16.40]After the Ethiopian crash, Boeing was put under intense pressure to explain what had happened. [02:26.44]Many countries barred the 737 Max 8 from their airspace. [02:34.52]A short time later, all Max 8 jets were banned from flying and they have yet to return to service. [02:45.36]The problems with the jets have brought attention to the safety certification process in the United States. [02:56.84]Indonesia's National Transportation Safety Committee said [03:01.88]the flight control system, known as the MCAS, on the Max 8 was poorly designed. [03:11.60]It noted that the MCAS system depends on a single "angle of attack" sensor. [03:20.88]This instrument recognizes if the plane is pointing up or down. [03:28.32]The committee considered this a design mistake. [03:34.00]The head of the committee said in a statement that "The aircraft flight manual [03:40.88]and flight crew training did not include information about MCAS." [03:49.92]The summary version also pointed to other problems that led to the crash. [03:58.52]The airplane that crashed had only been in use for two months, [04:04.36]but days before the crash it began having problems. [04:10.84]Workers installed a new "angle of attack" sensor in the plane while it was in Bali one day before the crash. [04:22.44]However, the instrument had been mis-calibrated during an earlier repair. [04:31.16]Investigators said they were unable to find out if the new sensor had been tested. [04:40.64]Then, soon after the Max 8 left Bali on a flight to Jakarta, [04:47.04]the plane's instruments warned of problems related to airspeed and altitude. [04:55.64]The captain and the co-pilot regained control of the plane by turning off the automated control system. [05:06.36]They then continued on to Jakarta, but did not fully report the problems, the summary said. [05:17.48]So Lion Air maintenance crews did not investigate. [05:24.96]Aviation expert Gerry Soejatman said that the flight from Bali to Jakarta was lucky. [05:36.32]He said most of the blame should be placed on Boeing, the plane's manufacturer. [05:44.64]The American company released a statement Friday. [05:49.68]Boeing said it was working to consider all the safety recommendations to prevent a similar problem. [06:00.00]The company said it has redesigned the flight control system to operate using two sensors. [06:10.36]The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) welcomed the recommendations from the investigation. [06:20.92]I'm Mario Ritter Jr. 更多聽力請訪問51VOA.COM 宁夏11选5推荐号码