[ti:College Success: Helping Others to Help Yourself] [by:www.otzgay.live] [00:00.00]更多聽力請訪問51VOA.COM [00:00.01]In some ways, higher education is a self-serving experience. [00:05.94]People often seek a college education because they want to improve their lives. [00:12.96]Or, they want to increase their chances at gaining well-paying, interesting and meaningful employment. [00:21.51]Even if a person wants to find cures for major diseases or solve homelessness, [00:29.03]they must spend years gaining knowledge and training for themselves before they can help others. [00:36.67]A person's college years are usually very busy. [00:41.20]It may not seem like they have the time or the freedom to serve anyone but themselves. [00:47.91]But Connie Snyder Mick says they actually do. [00:52.25]Mick is the academic director of the Center for Social Concerns [00:57.43]at the University of Notre Dame in the state of Indiana. [01:02.21]Centers like hers exist at many colleges and universities in the United States. [01:09.32]Mick says the centers help students seeking an experience that may not be directly [01:16.03]related to a student's academic progress, but that is still important: volunteering. [01:23.15]Volunteering is not uncommon in higher education. [01:27.26]Many campus groups organize volunteer events or fundraising efforts for different causes. [01:35.55]Officials in charge of student housing often organize such events to help build a sense of community. [01:43.61]Involvement in these kinds of activities is good for students, Mick told VOA. [01:50.37]For example, the busy nature of college life can create a lot of stress for students. [01:57.68]Doing something completely unrelated to a student's studies [02:02.56]or other work can help calm them by putting their mind on other things. [02:07.39]For a deeper more meaningful addition to their college experience, [02:12.29]Mick urges students to visit centers like the one she heads. [02:17.42]She says these centers exist to create volunteer opportunities that are more complex [02:25.31]and meaningful than just a day spent cleaning a local park, for example. [02:31.30]College students often spend little time getting to know the local community just outside of their campus, Mick notes. [02:40.22]Higher education is all about introducing students to new ideas, she says. [02:46.19]And these communities may be full of cultures and people that are very different from what the students already know. [02:55.45]Campus volunteering offices often partner with local organizers that serve the people of the nearby community. [03:04.25]These partnerships help make sure the volunteer efforts are meeting the real needs of that community. [03:12.43]Even for students with little interest in finding a connection with the local community, [03:18.60]there is still value in what volunteer centers have to offer, Mick says. [03:24.59]She notes some opportunities can push students to use what they are learning in the classroom out in the real world. [03:34.16]And having that kind of experience can make a student appealing to employers in the years to come. [03:41.85]"Imagine teaching computer science at a center for ... people with disabilities," Mick said. [03:48.72]"To think about how to apply, more directly, what you're studying in the classroom in ways [03:55.57]that sort of push you to think about it differently can really be a creative ... space." [04:02.14]Volunteering does not necessarily mean finding extra time in the evenings or weekends, she says. [04:10.06]More and more schools are asking professors to design courses that include volunteer work. [04:18.37]"The research shows that when a student goes and has an experience, [04:23.78]the learning happens in the reflection, and reflection happens in coursework," Mick said. [04:31.10]"So ...you're getting that academic credit, but you're also having an ... experience that's thoughtful, [04:38.36]that gives you times to ... do research and to think deeply about that ... [04:44.26]in a way that's connected to your academic interests." [04:47.95]Campus volunteer centers can help students identify classes that offer these kinds of experiences. [04:55.80]The centers also can let students know if their school [05:01.14]offers any volunteering-based trips during breaks between study terms. [05:06.90]Mick says such trips can be a meaningful way to spend free time and explore other places. [05:15.77]I'm Pete Musto. [05:17.88]更多聽力請訪問51VOA.COM 宁夏11选5推荐号码